Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safety protocol for the COVID Level Orange Mandate?


  • Face mask or covering required

  • Sanitize your hands upon entry​

  • We apologize - No children under 12 in studio

  • Stay home if sick within the last two weeks

  • All attendees must provide their own equipment. Yoga Haven is unable to provide any equipment for classes.

  • Membership Policy has changed due to COVID-19 government mandate.

  • Autopay Members limited to 2 In-Studio classes per week, 1 class per day. Each additional class will be a $20 Drop-In. Please Enjoy unlimited Zoom, On-Demand, and Video Library.

  • If you book more than two during a week, you will be charged for those extra classes right away. These classes will not be refunded if you cancel. Be sure you can make it to classes before you book. This allows us to create space for everyone to enjoy the in-studio classes.

  • Visit our Yoga Pricing page for information on current pricing.

  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to maintain our sacred community.