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Yoga Haven is a Littleton OASIS! This lovely studio is just steps away from their sister store, Crystal Haven! The studio guide and guru, Siuking, has created a space for everyone to come together for healing and spiritual growth. They offer many different classes in studio and online. You can pay for a single class or sign up for a membership. I personally, have the unlimited plan, you will probably end up getting that too! They have many different yoga and meditation classes taught by many different practitioners. There is truly something for everyone. This is the safe and nurturing space your spirit has been asking for! Head to Yoga Haven for positive connections with incredible people who will welcome you with a smile and healing energy!

- Tarena Zake

I joined Yoga Haven when it opened in October of 2019, and I'm so glad I did. The classes and instructors are wonderful. As others have said, this studio is more about working in than working out, which I think is especially important in these often challenging times. Highly recommend!

- Jennifer Fochek

Yoga Haven is a sacred community fostering a safe place to go inward. You get what you come for and for many it is life changing if you put the effort in. The classes here are unique and offer so much more than anything I’ve experienced before. I highly recommend this studio. It is beautiful and magical with crystals and twinkle lights. The instructors are amazingly and care about each individual. Crystal haven is an amazing rock shop that always offers something new so it’s worth checking it out over and over again.

- Debbie Gattegno

This is so much more than “yoga” - the owner is creating a community for physical alignment and spiritual growth; I’m grateful to have found this amazing space to heal and restore 🧘🏼‍♀️

- Melissa Swanson

Love this studio! I gave taken the yin, yin/yoga nidra, nap yoga, and sound healing classes. Each are so very different and wonderful. So grateful to have this place so close by. 😊

- Stephanie Quintana

I'm thankful to have found this yoga studio and community.

This yoga studio is well intended. It is more of a work in than a work out. All of the classes are grounding, restorative, and healing. I've tried a good number of them and have not had a class I do not like. I make it a point to go to at least two classes per week. I'm much more grounded, focused, and better equipped to handle daily life when my body and mind are healed and aligned thanks to this yoga community.

The instructors are knowledgeable and the whole thing is very beginner friendly. The atmosphere is supportive rather than competitive. I feel at home here and highly recommend this healing space.

- Trevor Haak

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