Spiritual Intuition Development Training and Certification- Level 1

*Wait List Only*

Everybody is born as a psychic, but we lost our ability along the way in the physical world. This is a good way to reconnect with your natural born psychic development and intuition. Awaken your inner compass. Set your highest intention to find your life path with this four-day intensive training retreat.

Training includes:

-Basic understanding of your spiritual senses

-How to develop your spiritual intuition through all of your senses

-Daily Meridian and Yin Healing Yoga

- Incorporate creative and fun exercises while learning how to awaken, expand and control your spiritual ability in a safe way. Exercises include:

-Basic Pendulum Class


-New Moon Reading with Spirit Animals

-Angel Parties

-Cosmo Meditations

-Intuitive Crystal Readings


Meals are included daily.


When: Aug 20-23 

Location: Bailey, CO

Investment: $1400 (Multiple occupancy. Share with 4-5 people in a room) Semi-private room $200 extra

*Preregistration required. 

Prerequisite: Reiki 3 certified by Siuking

Limit: 8 Students


Talk to Siuking with any questions